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Summer Lovin Swap

Hi dolls! I recently participated in a swap with a lovely girl from Iceland and these are the goodies she sent me! I got three little bracelets, some Icelandic candies, and two nail polishes. I already tried the gummies and I personally did not like them. I can't wait to use the nail polishes because they are perfect for the spring/summer!

Thank you Heather for setting up this swap!
Check out Elin's blog colorfulcupcakecat.blogspot.com

xx Liz


Review: Rite Aid Renewal Detoxifying Cleansing Toilettes


Giveaway!! Win Two Stila Palettes!

You can win two Stila Palettes! I picked these up at NYC IMATS and held on to them to do giveaway!
Palettes contain:
4 eyeshadows
1 Check color
1 Bronze color
1 mirror

Here are the rules:
-Open internationally! I will ship anywhere & there's no restrictions since there's no liquids involved.
-You must leave a blog post comment to enter. If you do not leave a comment, you are not eligible to win the prizes.
-Please be sure to fill out the entries carefully!

The giveaway is open for two weeks and will end on June 7th, 2013 at midnight!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at lizlovesmakeup@gmail.com

Good luck!!

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Monthly Look-See: Spring/Summer 2013

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Hi dolls, it has been a long time since I've done a monthly look-see post but finally I have some exciting news! So, my BIG news is that I am moving!! I have announced this on my YouTube channel already but not on my blog, I don't think :)
I will be moving into my first apartment on June 1st, 2013!! It is a one bedroom apartment with a living room, dining room/kitchen, bathroom and a den. I am going to turn the den into my office/filming space. I can't wait to do future posts related to moving! I am so excited. The apartment is about 25 minutes away from where I am living at home now but I will be so close to everything! I have Target, Walmart and grocery stores all within 5 minutes of my apartment! I already ordered some furniture from a local furniture store and have gotten tons of stuff from Target, Christmas Tree Store, and Marshalls.

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My other life update is that I am going on vacation! Well, my family is taking a vacation in the end of August and I cannot wait. We are going away for a week to York Beach, Maine. I am not going to tell you when for safety reasons because we don't want our house and my apartment to get robbed. I have rented a house near the beach will be going for a full seven days! We haven't taken a family vacation since 2009!! I plan on spending all day on the beach and catching up on some much need TLC.

For a blog update, I am thinking of possibly changing the name of my blog. If you think I should change my blog name, please let me know. I already have a few ideas but I am open for suggestions!

Do you have any exciting summer plans??

xx Liz

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The Influences of the Internet Tag!

I came across the tag on stylishbutskint and thought I would do it (:

Did other blogs convince you to start up your own?
Kinda of. I saw other Youtubers making blogs and thought it was a really cool idea, so I figured why not? I really enjoy blogging now!

Have you joined a site because someone else in the blogosphere did?
Yes, HelloCotton and Bloglovin.

Is there a tip/regime you've got from the Internet that you use now?
I basically learned how to apply makeup. The only thing I knew prior to making youtube videos and blogging, was how to wear mascara.

If your favourite Youtuber/blogger likes a product, will that make you buy it?
It would depend if the product wuld work for me. For exmaple, not all foundations and/or skincare products work for everybody because we all are different.

What do you look for in a blog that makes you want to follow?
The layout, the posts, there are many things.

Have you ever been deceived by a product that you ordered online? (e.g you thought it would be pink but it was coral)
Yes, but it was something I picked up at Walmart (post coming soon).

Have promo pictures and press releases given you the impression that a product will be better than it is?
Yes but I can't think of a product that I have purchased that wasn't as good as the promo.

Is there a product you could give a 'cult' status for being so good that you discovered through the internet?
Yes! The Maybelliene Baby Lips! They are so moisturizing and smell amazing!

Is there a product you've tried and hated but others have loved?
The Urban Decay Primer Potion. It creased on me.

Is there a blogger/Youtuber who influences your fashion style? If so, who?
I would say that no particular person influences my style, but I LOVE outfitposts !

Is there a blogger/Youtuber who influences your attitude each day/lifestyle?
I think Rebecca Kelsey because she always looks for the best in people and always tries to have a positive attitude in life.

How much time do you spend on the Internet daily?
More than I should be!

I encourage everybody to do this tag (:

xx Liz

Marshalls Haul

Hello loves. This weekend I did quite a bit of shopping for my apartment and I also made two trips to two different Marshalls in my area. If you don't know what Marshalls is, it is a store where you can buy discounted designer clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. I picked up three pairs of sandals and an adorable "little black dress". I also purchased a couch and a table set for my new apartment! I have 27 days until I move in and I am so excited! I still have some major purchase to make, such as a vacuum and air conditioner.

Here are my purchases from Marshalls (all items were under $30 dollars!!)

These are super comfortable and will match my new little black dress!

I like that these have a little heel, to make them more dressy.

These are just a great pair of sandals, they could go with virtually any outfit

This is almost like a body-con style but is modest because of the high neck line and length.
I also LOVE the lace detail down the center and across the chest area!

Did you pick up any new goodies this weekend?

xx Liz


May Task: Beauty Collections!

The May BBHQ Task is focused on your collections, how you store/organize them, different furniture you use, cataloging methods and more, so let's get into it!

  • Where do you keep your collection? I keep my makeup and nail polish collections on top of my desk, that way they are both easily accessible. I keep my jewelry on a wall display and on top of another organizational unit.
Check out these videos to see my current collections & storage:

  • What furniture or organizers do you use? (brand names and website links help)
  • Do you have a cataloging system? If so, can you share your secret? I don't have a large collection, so I don't have a system
  • How do you keep it organized? I organize my makeup by category. For example  all my lip products are in a drawer. 
  • Do you have any special displays for your favorite items? I like to display anything than was really cool packaging or just my favorite products to use
  • When you get new items, where do they go? They usually go right into my collection but I tend to keep them on top of my storage unit until I have tested to see if I actually want to keep the product
  • For Fun, share your top 5 FAVORITE items in your beautiful collection :)
    • Maybelliene Baby Lips
    • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
    • Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten
    • theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude palette
    • Rimmel Powder
Check out the Beauty Bloggers Headquarters: http://beautybloggerhq.blogspot.com/

xx Liz