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2015 New Year's Resolution


As we all know January 1st is right around the corner and everybody will be making their resolutions for the new year. I read an awesome article (this one too) that talks about resolutions every 20-something should make and here are my goals/resolutions for 2015:

  1. Get into Shape/Eat Healthier: I think these are on everybody's resolutions but I am getting married in 2015, so I would really like to lose a few pounds before my wedding. I will try to do this by taking the stair more often and parking further away in parking lots.
  2. Spend More Time with Family: This is a big one. Once I am married, I will be spending the majority of the time with my future husband. 
  3. Save Money: This is a big one for everybody. I would like to build up my savings even more, so I have they money when it comes time to get a new car or put a down payment on a house/townhouse/condo/etc.
  4. Travel to New Places: We are planning on going to California for our honeymoon, so that is a new place for me. I have never been to the west coast, let alone west of Buffalo, NY.
  5. Get Organized: My fiance is moving in with me in the Spring, so I need to get rid of the clutter and junk I have, to make room for all of his things.
  6. Turn Off the iPhone: This is a hard challenge. My goal is spend less time of the phone and more time interacting with friends and family. I'd also like to not sit in bed looking through my phone right before bed.
  7. Do more Chores: I want to develop a habit of cleaning my apartment, like vacuuming on Wednesdays or Dusting on Sundays.
  8. Drink less coffee:  This is a bold challenge for me but I want to drink more green tea and water. 
  9. Make one video and one blogpost a week: I have been very sporadic in 2014 with my blog and videos. I want to try to focus more on consistency and quality rather than just putting up something.
  10. Floss more often: This is a habit I need to break. I want to start flossing more consistently.

What are your resolutions for 2015?


Northeast Bloggers Holiday Swap

Today I received my swap package from the Northeast Bloggers Holiday Swap!
I swapped with Vely from A Mermaid's Rambles
She sent me this cute little Sephora Fresh Beauty To Go Kit!
It comes with a blush, an eyeshadow, a lipgloss, and a mascara!
I can't wait to try out the eyeshadow because it reminds me of Stila's Kitten shadow.

Only 8 More Days Until Christmas!!!


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Christmas Time Tag

I saw blogger Gemma created this tag and thought it would be a fun holiday post to do this year!

Here are the rules:
-You must tag back the person who tagged you
-You must tag 5 other bloggers
-Have fun!

1. Do you have any Christmas Traditions? Well, on Christmas Eve we always watch The Polar Express before going to bed. On Christmas Day, we are only allowed to open our stockings until my parents go out of bed.

2. What is your favorite Christmas Film? For me, it's a tie between The Polar Express and Christmas Vacation

3. Do you have any Christmas Wishes?  I wish for my family to be together

4. What is your favorite part of Christmas? I love buying gifts and decorating!

5. What do you usually put up your Christmas decorations? I usually put them up after Thanksgiving but I have been very busy this year and don't have any of them up yet!

6. What Christmas food do you spend the year looking forward to? Hmmmm...cookies!!

7. When do you think "Christmas time" should start? I think after Thanksgiving is over

8. Top 3 Christmas songs of all time: Carol of the Bells, Mary Did You Know, Do You Hear What I Hear

9. What's your favorite shop for buying Christmas presents? I don't really have any favorites, but I just like to try and buy unique and thoughtful gifts if possible

10. Post a photo from a past Christmas that makes you smile
circa 2007

I tag:


My 3 Favorite Christmas Albums


Josh Groban Noel | Clay Aiken Merry Christmas With Love |
 Christina Perri  A Very Merry Perri Christmas

What Are Your Favorite Christmas Albums?