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About Me

-Personal Questions-
Q: How old are you? How old is your husband?
A: I am 28 years old. My Birthday is February 17, 1990. My husband is 29 year old.

Q: How long have been with your husband? When did you get married?
A:  We started dating February 9th, 2008. We became engaged in February 2014. We got married on October 24, 2015.

Q: Do you have a college degree?
A: Yes! I have a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences from the University at Albany. As of March 2018, I am working on my Masters of Business Administration degree. 
Q: What do you do professionally?
A: I am a Business Analyst.

Q: How tall are you?
A: I am 5'2"

-Blog/Videos Questions-
Q: Who designed your blog?
A: My blog theme was created by VefioThemes 

Q: What camera do you use to video blog and take blog photos?
A: I use the Canon Rebel T3i or my iPhone 8.

Q: What do you edit your videos with?
A: I use iMovie to edit my videos.

Q: How often can I expect videos and blog posts?
A: I typically upload one to two videos a week and one blog post every week.

Q: Where do you get the music in your videos?
A: Most of my music is from the Youtube Audio Library.

Q: Where did you get your vanity/makeup storage from?
A: I got my vanity from Ikea and my makeup storage from Muji

All pictures on this blog are taken by me with my Canon Rebel T3i , unless otherwise stated. Credit will be given where credit is due, so if you see your work on this site with improper citation, let me know!

1 comment on "About Me"
  1. Hello Liz!

    I really like your blog and make up! Inspiring!
    I am new to blogging and yours was one of the first that I found.
    I hope you don't mind, but I am nominating you for a Leibster Award, if you look at my last post on my blog everything is explained. I hope it helps you to reach a wider audience!
    Have an amazing day!