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Tips for Choosing an Apartment


Welcome back to the blog. Today I am going to share with you some tips and questions to ask yourself when choosing an apartment, whether it be your first apartment out of college or moving into a new apartment.

What utilities will you have to pay? 
Do any utilities come included with your rent?
Does the apartment have central air?
Gas? Electric? Cable/Internet? Water? Heat? Garbage? Snow removal?

Does your landlord allow pets?
Do you need to give your landlord a copy of your pet's medical records?
Is there a pet deposit?

Are you allowed to paint or make any improvements?
Late payments policy?
Are you required to have renters insurance?
Any maintenance responsibilities?
What is the length of lease? Is it month to month?
Are there any penalties if you break your lease?

Does your apartment include parking or do you have to park on street?
Is parking included in your rent?
Does your apartment include a garage? Does it cost extra?

Number of bedrooms/bathrooms
Are the walls clean?
Are the electric outlets working?
Are smoke detectors working?
Do all the lights work?
Does the thermostat work? 
Is the apartment clean?
Hard wood floors or carpet? What condition are the floors in?

Some websites to look for apartments:

If you have any other tips or tricks for apartment hunting, please leave them in the comments!


Small Sephora Haul

Last night I went to the mall with my mom and sisters to see the new Cinderella movie and we stopped into Sephora so I could use my birthday gift card. I picked up three things to add to my makeup collection.

Beauty Blogger Bunch Spring Collab Giveaway!

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The Beauty Blogger Bunch is a place where Beauty bloggers can come together and discover new friends help with tips and of course have collab giveaway. If you are interested in becoming a member click below to be directed to the Facebook group.

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Garnier Moisture Renew Refreshing Gel Cream: A Review

Picture taken with iPhone 6

The past few months have brutally cold in upstate New York and my skin had decided to become very dry from the dry air. I picked this up a few weeks ago from CVS because I wanted something to help with my dry skin. This moisturizer from Garnier is supposed to "lock in moisture for 24 hours and smooth the skin". It is dermatologist tested, oil free, won't clog pored, gentle to skin, allergy tested and non-greasy.  This product contains antioxidant fruit fruit water which is supposed to renew the skins natural functions. 

So do I like this moisturizer? Yes! It has definitely helped renew my skin and make it less dry and cracked. It has a slight scent but goes away after you apply to the face. It also has a nice cooling sensation. 
Would I repurchase? Yes!
Do I recommend? Yes!

What moisturizer are you currently using?


Unboxing | Julep Maven Box March 2015

I decided this month instead of making an unboxing video, to make an unboxing blog post! Today I am sharing with you my Julep Maven Box for March 2015

Before I begin the unboxing, here is a little background on Julep: Julep was founded as a nail parlor in 2007 and has now expanded as a beauty brand. Every month Julep releases a new collection products and customers receive up to $40 dollars worth of products in their monthly boxes. You can choose what products you would like to to receive or have Julep pick products for you based on the survey you complete when you sign up for a subscription.  Customers also have the options of buying products from Julep's online store.

Light on Your Lips Full coverage Creme Lipstick in Stepping Out ($22.00, $17.50 for Maven)

Sorry about the crazy lighting
This lipstick is a full coverage creme lipstick that contains weightless rich pigments and age-defying Power Cell Complex. It is supposed to go on flawlessly and feel weightless. I decided to try this out for the blog and I have to say I love how this feels on my lips. It has more off a matte finish and I think it looks nice with my skin tone. I also love the packaging because it has magnetic closure for the lid, so you don't have to worry about it falling off in your makeup bag.

LuLu - Class with a Twist ($14.00, $11.00 for Mavens)

This polish is described on Julep's website as being Wisteria mist soft focus color. It has a silk/satin finish and it is a breathable polish. That means it dries super fast and allows 30% more oxygen to permeate the nail bed. It is also supposed to make your nails harder and stronger. This color is perfect for Spring and Easter!

Jahnavi - Classic with a Twist ($14.00, $11.20 for Mavens)

This gorgeous polish is described as being an iced chai chrome color and you all know how much I LOVE me some Iced Chai in the warmer weather! This polish has a metallic/chrome finish and has the same formula as LuLu. I cannot wait to try out this polish because it looks like the perfect color for everyday day for school or work. It would also look nice for special occasions.

Total Approximate Value: $39.90

What do you think of my Julep Maven Box? Would you purchase anything from the POP! Collection?

Julep Beauty Inc.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This post is not sponsored.

Life Update: Elizabeth Kathrynx


Hey guys! I know I have been extremely inconsistent with blogging lately but I have been busy lately and trying to put more energy into my Youtube channel.  So, I wanted to post a little life/blog update.

Like I mentioned, I stopped blogging regularly because I wanted to focus all my energy into my Youtube channel. I am working really hard and want to try and reach 1,000 subscribers.

As for as quick wedding update, we booked our cake baker! There are quite a few things I need to start doing in March/April. Next weekend I am going bridesmaid dress shopping with my sisters. I need to figure out bra/undies, shoes, hair,veil situation for myself. We need to find a hair/makeup person for the wedding. My fiance needs to go tuxedo shopping and list goes on...

We also have been going back and forth on our living situation. My current lease is up at the end of May and we don't know if we should try to move to another apartment or continue to live here for a couple years until we are ready to buy a house/condo.

Hope you guys are having a great start to 2015 and here are a few of my recent videos: