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I saw another blogger do this tag, so I decided to do it too!

How did you get started blogging & what keeps you doing it?
I started writing my original blog as an outlet, something private from my friends & family. Now I blog, because I love it! It is so awesome to be able to express my passion in both video and blog form! I don't work in the beauty industry, so this is my little piece of it :)

What do you think makes you unique?
My blog is far from unique. There re thousands of beauty and lifestyles blogs on the internet.

What's your favorite thing about yourself?
When I find something I like to do, stick with it; I don't give up.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
I want to still be writing. 
I would love to work with some beauty brands.
I want to have more viewers/followers.

What's the best tip you've ever received about blogging?
Be yourself.

How does blogging affect your real life and vice versa?

I figured out how to wear makeup properly! I was introduced to IMATS and other beauty trade shows.
I was able to connect to my younger sister through our obsession with makeup and beauty.

What is something you're actively working toward and how are you getting there?
My career advancement. I am looking into enrolling in courses through a really interesting site called coursera, where you can take free online classes through 80+ universities throughout the world. I am also looking into working towards my PMP certification and possible a Masters Degree.

What is your absolute beauty must have, and why?
I can wear only mascara and feel confident.

If money wasn't an issue, what would you run out and buy right now?
Easy! A trip to Europe for a few months. I  want to visit all the major cities!

What is one beauty tip you feel that everyone should know?
Take off your makeup before you go to bed. It helps prevent breakouts.

Who's your freebie (if you're married-the one person/celebrity you can cheat with without it being cheating) or you're single, your number one celebrity crush?
I don't really have any celebrity crushes.

I tag all of you to do this tag too!


Guest Post: Products I want to try

  Hey guys! It's Jae from Passion for Fashion. Today I'm going to be sharing with you all a few makeup products that's I want to try. I chose products from different companies but made sure to focus on affordable makeup, so no more that $10 but I prefer buying stuff in the $1- $5 range but you get the point- I think -_- Anyway, keep reading to find out more!!!
     The 1st product I want to try is one that I have heard so many good things about. It is the Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Oily/ Combination Skin. I want this foundation because it is supposedly a medium- full coverage foundation and I need the coverage because I have a few dark spots on my cheeks. 
     I also like that it is specifically for Oily/ Combination Skin which is great because I have oily skin and they have a variety of dark shades because I find it difficult to find my shade of foundation. This is on the pricier side as far as drugstore goes. At Walmart it is $9.98 but I plan on getting it before school starts.  

     The next product that I want is Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Deep Wine. I have a dark red blush stick and I need a powder to set it because it's very dewy, so I think this would be a great color that will match my skin tone really well.

     The 3rd product I want is the Covergirl Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm in 250- 2 Cute. This is supposed to have a good color pay off and moisturize your lips at the same time. 

     An alternative to the Lipslicks would be the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I have heard so much about this and I have been wanting to get this for a long time. It does pretty much the same thing as the Lipslicks. 

     The final products that I want are the Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 340- Cappuccino or Covergirl Clean Oil Control Pressed Powder in 565- Tawny. I don't have a good face powder and I think that these would work pretty well especially because I have oily skin. The Covergirl Powder is $0.94 more expensive but any of them would work.

     Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to leave a comment, share with your friends, and watch out for more. Tell me what you think about these products and if you do this post on your blog or have any products that you want to try, please leave them in the comments. 

My Summer Vacation: York, Maine

Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach

Cape Neddick "Nubble" Lighthouse

Hood blimp!

Long Sands Beach

We spent a week in York, Maine going to the beaches. It was a well deserved vacation and I did not want to leave! Where did you go on vacation this summer?


Fall Haul Featuring My Boyfriend!

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing my boyfriend again, so we filmed a haul video together! I purchasing some clothing and shoes, and he purchased a hair care product and an iPod touch! Let me know if you would to see future posts with my boyfriend!


The Beauty Blogger Bunch Summer Giveaway!

Welcome to the Annual Summer Beauty Giveaway hosted by the Beauty Blogger Bunch! This summer we have 5 Lovley sponsors.

This year one lucky winner will win the following prize pack from Benefit Cosmetics

(1) they're real! mascara
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(1) ooh la lift
(1) sugarbomb
(1) the POREfessional

a $140 Value!

This giveaway is open worldwide and for those 18 and over. Please enter using the Rafflecopter below. 

If you are a beauty blogger and are interested in joining the Beauty Blogger Bunch you can join HERE 


A memory that makes you smile.

A memory that makes you smile. One of the best memories I have is of my Senior Prom in High School. I went with my boyfriend (we've been dating for 5 1/2 years) and I had the best time of my life!
I wore a strapless floor-length dress, that had beading all over the dress. It even had a train!

May 2008

What is your happiest memory or a memory that makes you smile?
North East Bloggers


What are you reading??

These are the books I am currently reading/want to read on my vacation:
*All links below are Amazon affiliate links*


Something new you learned in the past month.

I learn a lot of new things everday at my job but I think the most important thing I learned this month is how to cook broccoli! I know, it might seem like the most simple thing in the world, but for somebody who is a major failure at cooking, it is a hgue deal! It has encouraged me to eat more of the delicious vegetable and to keep learning how to cook more simple dishes!

Blogging Challenge

My Favorite Ways to Beat the Heat!


Here are the ways I beat the heat over the summer:

-Hibernate in the air conditioning and have a Netflix marathon
-Take a cold shower
-Go the the pool/beach/lake/ocean
-Put ice cubes down my shirt
-Put a cold washcloth on my neck

How do you stay cool over the summer?
Blogging Challenge


What's in my Pantry?

Want to know what I keep in my pantry? Then check out this video!
I primarily shop at Price Chopper, Hannaford & Trader Joe's


Loft Haul!

I recently made an online purchase with Loft! They were having some amazing online discounts and I just could not get ever the savings! I bought a few new things to add to my closet for the upcoming fall season! I also want to thank everybody who helped my channel reach 400 subscribers!! I never thought I would have this many views/readers EVER! I will be hosting a giveaway in the future :)

Sigma Beauty July Affiliate Challenge Winner!

In July 2013 Sigma Beauty challenged all affiliates who had not earned any commission with the affiliate program, to make their first sale...and I did it!! The Sigma Affiliate Team sent me this awesome prize package with some awesome products to try out and some brushes as well! Thank you so much for the products, I cannot wait to try them out and add them to my makeup routine!

If you would like to see reviews of any of the products, please leave a comment below!
To purchase any of these products visit: http://www.sigmabeauty.com

My New Hair!!

LOVE my new hair cut so much 👏💇💗💕💖 by @elizabethkathrynx

So I got my hair cut this evening...what do you guys think!?

My Favorite Beaches!

Today is Day 6 of the Blogging Challenge and today's prompt is: Everyone has a favorite beach...describe yours and why you like it so much

Long Sands Beach York,Maine

This is the beach where I spent every summer as a kid and I get to go again in less than two weeks! There are seashells, crabs, and seagulls...what more can you want!?

Outer Banks,North Carolina

It is a 12 hour drive to the Outer Banks from upstate Ny but it is 100% worth it! Everybody who lives on the East Coast has to go to this location at least once in their lifetime!

What are your favorite beaches?
North East Bloggers


Favorite Summer Activity!

North East Bloggers

My favorite summer activity is going to the beach!! I love lounging in a beach chair, under an umbrella, catching up on the books I have been wanting to read all year except haven't found any time to read! This summer I get to go to one of my favorite beach towns,York Beach, Maine, for a family vacation!

My second favorite thing to do over the summer is going to concerts, except this summer no good shows came to my area; although I am contemplating going to the Maroon 5/Kelly Clarkson concert in September 2013.

What are your favorite summer activities?


Day 2: Three Wishes


Today's, well yesterday's, prompt is "If you had three wishes what would they be and why?"
Most people would wish for things like world peace, which of course I would want, but I am going to be a little more specific to my life!

1) I want to travel the world! I want to go to England, Spain, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, etc.
2) I want to have a nice house. I currently am renting an apartment but someday want to own a house! I want something small and modest, yet has a modern design.
3) To be financial secure, meaning, to find my dream job and love it!

What are your three wishes?

North East Bloggers


Hello August: An Introduction

Can you all believer today is August 1st!? That means summer is half-way over and my vacation is getting closer and closer! Today, I am participating in a new Blogging Challenge and the theme of today' post is: Who Are You?

Hi, I'm Liz! I am 23 years old and live in upstate New York!
I work a full time job as an Application Specialist for a local hospital.
I have a boyfriend of more than 5 years!

Loves: Makeup, Books, Movies, New England Patriots, Wine, Target, Salad
Hates: Pork Chops, Steak, Beer, Fish, Bees, Scary Movies

I blog about makeup, beauty and my life!
Want to know more? Make sure to follow my blog!
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