Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: Rite Aid Renewal Detoxifying Cleansing Toilettes

Happy Memorial Day to all my American readers! I picked up these makeup wipes at Rite Aid over the weekend because I ran out of my normal Aveeno wipes and wanted to try something different so I went for these wipes instead. They cost $4.99 dollars for 30 wipes is actually a pretty good deal compared to most makeup wipes. These wipes contain  Grape Extract, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Green Leaf Extract, and they are also oil-free. 

Final thoughts: These are your average makeup wipes. They didn't do anything special for me. They don't do a great job at taking off your makeup, especially eye makeup. They are a bit rough on the skin but, I prefer a more soft wipe. I do, however, enjoy the scent. Normally, I don't like scented wipes but because you smell the Green Tea Extract, they are quite calming when taking off your makeup. Would I recommend these wipes? Sure. They aren't bad for store brand and the price is good for the quality.

xx Liz

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