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Monthly Look-See: October 2012

Every month I try to check in with my readers to let them know what is going on in my life!

Work: Well as some of you may know who follow me on twitter, I quit my job at the beginning of the month. In my August Monthly Look-See, I reported to you guys that I got a new job as a cell center/help desk person for a small company. That didn't work out very well. I am now currently employed and on the hunt for a new job in the IT (information technology) world. I have had three interviews in the past two weeks and hope to get a job from one of those three interviews.

Life: Since I haven't been working, I have been able to focus heavily on my Youtube videos and blog posts! I have been frequently posting both videos and blog posts, in hope to make a small income on my favorite hobby once I gain more subscribers/readers. I know it will be a while before that happens but I still enjoy putting out new content for you!

Makeup no buy:  My makeup no buy has been going very well. I only recently bought a few new nail polishes and a new mascara (check out this video to find out what I got). I actually got rid of a lot of my older makeup last week because it has expired and I didn't want to use expired makeup. I plan on sticking with this until I get a new job because I can't spend extra money on new makeup :(


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