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All About Influenster


So you may have heard all the talk about this website called Influenster. Influenster is an online community where "trendsetters" can share their love of products and experiences. Influenster creates a link between brands and trendsetters. Members of influenster gain "badges" , to prove their influence of a certain area. These badges are earned by sharing websites, taking surveys, writing reviews, etc. Influensters can gain access to content and sales of products based on their influence and expertise of different products and experiences. They can receive free products, based on the influenster "score" which is new with the site revamp!

Influenster currently has a few different programs the "trendsetters" can participate in. The first is the Bride-to-be VoxBox, which goes out to future brides. The second program is the Naturals VoxBox, which goes out to those who are experts in the realm of all natural products. A third program is the Beauty Blogger VoxBox, which goes out to beauty bloggers such as myself, who call themselves "experts" in the world of beauty(makeup,cosmetics,etc.). These programs send the members free products, in return for reviews of the products on the Influenster site.  Members are not guaranteed to be able to participate in these programs, as they go out based on several different criteria.Pretty cool idea, right?

To learn more about influenster ,visit their site at influenster.com

To learn more about the sites makeover, visit the revamp page


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