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My First and Last Graze box

This post is not sponsored by Graze nor am I affiliated with them

This post has been long overdue and I just haven't had the time to sit down and write it up. I am going to discuss my first and last Graze box. If you haven't heard of Graze, they are a healthy snack subscription service where you get to choose from over 90 different combinations of dried fruit, nuts, etc. Each box costs $6.49 USD, including delivery. When you sign up for Graze, you can choose a nibblebox, maximum number of snack combinations, or a caloriecounterbox, the low calorie snacking box. I choose the nibblebox and you see above what I received in my box. I was not happy with what came in my box. Even though I took a survey and told them what I wanted to receive, that was not taken into consideration for what was packed in the box.  There are, however, some good things that Graze offers. Every snack you receive contains "no genetically altered ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup, and 0g trans fat per serving."  You can also swap your snacks at anytime if you want to try some different options.

If you are interested in Graze, I have a special coupon to offer you.
Get your 1st and 5th boxes free by doing the following:
1) Go to graze.com 2) Enter the code: RG9X1Y2TB

Happy Snacking!

1 comment on "My First and Last Graze box"
  1. No good that they didn't listen to your survey responses! I like that there are no genetically modified ingredients! Thanks for the honest review :)