Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Impressions: One Direction Midnight Madness Collection

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I got the opportunity recently to try out the new One Direction Midnight Madness Collection. This collection comes in an awesome metal tin, making this collection easy to travel with and store. I am going to discuss my first impressions of each product that comes in the kit. If you want more in-depth reviews of each product, please leave comments below.

Left - Better Than Words Eye and Body Crayon
Right - Through the Dark Liquilights Glow Gloss

4+1 Eye Shadow Palette : I thought the quality of these shadows were OK at best. They did feel very soft and smooth when swatched but I had to reapply to my arm a few times to get the colors to show up, with the exception of "Don't Forget Where You Belong".

Little Black Dress Mascara: I am very skeptical of trying this mascara. The packaging is nice but the mascara is a little too wet for my taste.

Through the Dark Gloss: The gloss swatched very nice. It doesn't feel too sticky and could be a nice additional to one's makeup collection. It also has a nice vanilla scent.

Better Than Word Eye and Body Crayon:  This crayon swatched very nice on the arm. I quite enjoy the texture. I smudged it out after taking the photo and the color just seemed to fade too quickly. This might be nice for someone who is a beginner with makeup. 

Right Now Nail Polish: I am very eager to use this polish on my nails. It is a metallic steel nail polish. It almost has a little bit of a gold shimmer in the light.

Best Song Ever Lip Stick: I cannot review this product because mine came broken on the inside of the tube but it is a very bright red lip stick. I wouldn't use this color but it would make for a nice, bold lip color.

You can purchase the One Direction Makeup Collection at the following retailers:
Macy's, Stage Stores, Dillards, Beauty Brands, & Lord and Taylor

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