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Winter Fashion Trends

So this winter season there are a few fashion trends It hat are very interesting to me and I thought I would do a post dedicated to all these abominations =)

Number 1 - Turtlenecks!
I personally do not like turtlenecks. I feel like they give your body no shape and are only good for layering on those super freezing cold days.

Forever 21

Number 2 - Embellished Tops
I like if a top has a little extra something and this trend is huge this winter season!! Whether it is the collar or the buttons, rhinestone embellishments are everywhere!

Forever 21

Number 3 - Peter Pan Collar
I think this trend only looks good on certain people. I don't think I could personally pull it off, but some people can.


Number 4 - Oxblood/Burgundy
I think this is a gorgeous color for the fall and winter seasons and I even have a nail polish in this color which has many names =)


What are your favorite winter fashion trends this year?

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1 comment on "Winter Fashion Trends"
  1. I love the peter pan collared trend and I love Oxblood! Now following your lovely blog xo