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TINY After Christmas Haul

So today I went shopping with my sister to one of our local malls to try and take advantage of the after Christmas sales. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have any good luck. The stores just didn't seem to have anything that caught my eye and they just didn't have a very good selection of items on sale.

Here are the three things I did purchase:

I got these two bracelets at Charming Charlie. They are the Modern Geo bracelet and they cost $13.00 dollars each. They also had a teal colored one as well but I opted for the white and black because they are so versatile. These bracelets are little bit different that what I would normally wear but I instantly fell in love when I saw them in the store.

This is the Sephora Instant Moisturizer. I first heard about this product from Emilie Clark. I got a sample size of this a few weeks ago and fell in love with this skincare product. It does such a good job at moisturizing and it doesn't break me out! I also think the packaging is very classy and looks a lot like Chanel. You get 1.69 fl. oz. (50 ml) for $20.00 dollars.

Did you find any good deals this week?


2 comments on "TINY After Christmas Haul"
  1. Live the little haul, you got some lovely things. I bought quite a bit but not much discounts around though, which was disappointing xx


  2. Cute bracelets! I have similar ones from Forever 21! They are pink!
    Melanie :)