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My First Advocare Haul!

This post is not sponsored by Advocare. I am not affiliated with Advocare.

Everybody wants to get the summer body and try all sorts of diets to try and get there. I got motivated to start working out and eating healthier from my sister and different people I follow on social media. I decided to try a few products by Advocare. Advocare is a health and wellness company, that offers weight-loss, nutrition, and performance products.  I had heard about Advocare from a co-worker and also from watching the amazing Marissa Lace on YouTube. I saw what a difference Advocare has made in her life and others and wanted to see if I could benefit from their products.
Meal Replacement Shake 
I ordered a box of the Chocolate Meal Replacement shakes. Basically, you substitute a shake for one of your meals, similar to other programs, like Isagenix.  
These shakes are only 220 calories and contain 24 grams of protein! 
They are a balanced meal and full of nutrients. 
I am going to eat these for my breakfast.

This product was also recommended to me and is one of Advocare's top sellers. MSN MAX C is a multi nutrient dietary supplement, which aims to provide appetite control,  maximize weight management and provide nutrients. You take one colored packet before breakfast or lunch and also one white packet with breakfast or lunch. I will be honest these are huge pills but I am willing to take them to help with my overall health and fitness.

Spark Energy Drink Mix in Fruit Punch
This is literally exactly what it is called, an energy drink mix. It is similar to Crystal Light or other flavored-drink supplements. Each pouch is only 45 calories and is supposed to help sharpen your mental focus and give you energy. I have tried this before and didn't notice the energy boost but I did feel more focused while working on various tasks at the office. I was able to try the Pink Lemonade flavor and wasn't a huge fan. I heard that Fruit Punch was delicious, so I decided to try it out!

If you are interested in purchasing from Advocare, you can buy their products on Amazon or via an Advocare distributor.

Have you trired Advocare? What were your results?
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