Monday, May 19, 2014

Two Years

My friend Rachel from cucpakes & mimosas did a post recently that inspired me to a similar one. I graduated from the SUNY - University at Albany in May 2012 with my Bachelors degree in Information Services. I seriously cannot believe I have been out of college for two years and been out of high school for 6 years! So much has happened in my life in the past two years that I thought I would reminisce:
  1. Got my first professional job - application specialist at a local hospital's information services dept.
  2. Got my first apartment
  3. Got promoted to a senior application application specialist within a year of starting my job
  4. Got engaged on February 9th, 2014 to my boyfriend of six years; we're getting married on October 24th, 2015!
It has been the best two years of my life! I am so proud of what I have accomplished and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me! Congrats to all recent graduates!

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