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Victoria's Secret Haul

Just an FYI but I am very busy this week for my work, so I will be lacking in the blog post department

Hi everyone! Over the weekend I had to go my local mall to return something and I wanted to go to Bath & Body Works to pick up some new Body Sprays but the store was closed for remodeling, so I didn't to go to Victoria's Secret to buy some new Body Sprays and  Body Wash. A lost of the sprays an bath washes were 5 for $30, so I went ahead and bought five different products. I got three Body Sprays in Sparkling Citrus, Midnight Exotics, and Aqua Kiss. I also got two Body Washes in Midnight Exotic and Aqua Kiss. I thought 5 for $30 for a good deal, because each product was only $6 dollars. I think if you bought only one, they were $10 dollars a piece. I highly recommend Aqua Kiss. It's a really unique scent and feel like it will be a long time favorite.

Do you prefer Bath & Body works or Victoria's Secrets scents?
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