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little Black Bag Haul - September 2013

Little Black Bag - $49.99

If you watch my YouTube videos, you would know that I have purchased from Little Black Bag in the past and was pretty satisfied with my purchases. I got this pretty red bracelet as well, which would be a nice piece to wear to spice up any outfit. The First Aid Beauty sample exploded in my box, so it had product all on the outside of the little pot it came in, so needless to say, I tossed that out.
This time I purchased a new bag! The bag is a Red by Marc Ecko bag. I thought this was extremely trendy for this fall season because of the studs on the front of the bag. It was also has a pocket on the back and two straps.

If you are interested in Little Black Bag, check out their website at www.litleblackbag.com
2 comments on "little Black Bag Haul - September 2013"
  1. I can't wait to try out Little Black Bag! I've heard so much about it.

    I tagged you on my blog to do the Beauty Routine Tag if you want to go check it out! :)


    1. yes, I will check it out! I love doing tags, if you can't tell :)

      xx Liz