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Fall in LOVE Tag!

Today, I wanted to do a fun Fall tag because Fall has arrived here in upstate New York!

1) What fall trend are you most excited for?

I absolutely love wearing boots and scarfs in the fall!

2) What is your favorite fall beauty product?

My favorite fall beauty product would have to be dark nail polish. It's harder to pull of these colors any other time of the year.

3) What is your favorite fall drink?

Chai Tea Latte! I absolutely love Starbucks' Chai Tea Latte!

4) What is your favorite fall scent?

Anything Pumpkin! I love my Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Candle!

5) Which fall trend do you hate?

Red Hair. I did dye my hair an auburn red one time and It turned out terrible!

6) What is your halloween costume this year?

I will working on a very important project Halloween for work, so I will not have time to dress up, but I will definitely have lots of candy in my apartment!

7) What is your favorite fall song?

I don't have any music I listen to specifically in the fall.

8) What is your favorite halloween candy

I love Sour Patch Kids and Mike & Ikes!

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4 comments on "Fall in LOVE Tag!"
  1. boots,scarfs,dark polish ,bath and body..you r a girl after my own heart :p

  2. I love fall <3 Such an amazing season!

  3. Anything and everything pumpkin for fall! Love it! Sour Patch Kids are one of my favorite kinds of candy, too! :)