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IMATS NYC Haul 2013

On Sunday, April 7th, 2013 I attended NYC IMATS, which stands for the international makeup artist trade-show. I also did a tiny bit of shopping in NYC. It was so crazy in the stores, that it made it difficult to do some hardcore shopping for Spring and Summer clothes!
Things I bought at IMATS:
1) Stila Loves Roxy Palette 
2) Stilla Making Spirits Bright Palette 
3) Kabuki Brush, Shader Brush and Blending Brush

Things I bought in NYC:
1) Sephora Instant Moisturizer 
2) LUSH Sexy Peel Soap 

*We waited a really long time to buy the Stila items but their prices were awesome! I got two palettes for $20 dollars!
*I was really bummed because NYX was not at IMATS this year. I tried to buy some of their products last year but it was at least an hour wait to buy anything! I wasn't very thrilled with the brands at IMATS this year but you never know, maybe next year better brands will go!

Did you go to IMATS this year?

xx Liz

3 comments on "IMATS NYC Haul 2013"
  1. That is a fab haul... Love that Lush soap xx


  2. Great IMATS Haul. I was disappointed last year that NYX never showed. Looking forward to the Toronto one again this year:) xx


  3. Hello, I am a new follower....your blog is really nice, congratulations!
    if you wanna go with me, I'll wait!