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HelloCotton is no more!?

Hi beauties! I was working on cleaning up  my blog and I noticed that my HelloCotton link lead to a French version of the website. If you didn't know this already, the website closed just a few short weeks ago. I don't know if this applies to versions of the site is different languages but it definitely closed for all American bloggers.

So, it looks like they made the announcement on Twitter but I never got an email or any other notification that the stie was closing. If you followed my blog via HelloCotton, I apologize for not letting you know that site was closing.

You can always stay updated by following me on Twitter.

xx Liz

4 comments on "HelloCotton is no more!?"
  1. So sad when they close :( xx


  2. I loved Hellocotton but had no idea I had so many views from it. The views for both my blogs have dropped in half since they closed:(


  3. Only just noticed this when trying to change my info, what a shame :( My page views have dropped drastically recently too, perhaps this is why? xx

  4. oh my just figured this out :( so sad