Friday, January 23, 2015

Fresh Start: Healthy Living


For Christmas, my sister purchased me a few products from her nutrition program to help jump start my new healthy lifestyle. My main goal this year is to get healthy and in shape. My wedding is in 9 months and I would really like to get toned and fit. 

Since starting this program, I have noticed that my face looks puffy. I have also noticed that my middle section looks less bloated. These are the exact things that I have been looking to improve in myself this year. This best part about this program is that it is NOT a diet. It is a lifestyle change.

My typical diet everyday includes the following:
-A meal replacement protein shake or protein bar
-A mid-morning snack, usually a Fiber One Brownie Bar
-Lunch is usually a Smart Ones Frozen Meal or a can of soup
-Afternoon snack, usually a rice cake
-Dinner is whatever I feel like eating
-I take 1-2 oz of the cleanse drink every night before I go to bed

My current weight is 140 lbs. I am hoping to lose 10 pounds before I do my wedding dress fittings this summer. I do notice this program is working on making me healthier because three people in my office have come down with terrible viral infections and I have not gotten sick yet!

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