Monday, October 27, 2014

Secret Santa Swap 2014


It is October 26th.  I know many of you are already have the holiday season on your minds.
I know am I ready to start preparing for the holiday season, whether it is buying gifts, decorations, Christmas music, baking, etc
This year I wanted to do something very special on the blog:

I have decided to host a Secret Santa swap!

1.  I will need to know some basic stuff about you. Your name, address, favorite things. Your private info will only be visible to me (your host) and your Secret Santa. Fill out the form below!

2. Deadlines

Sign up by November 10, 2014
Your Secret Santa match will be e-mailed to you by November 24, 2014
You have until December 15, 2014 to buy and send your gift
This swap will be international, so keep that in mind when shipping your packages!

3. Read you partner's blog, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc to get to know them!

4. Let's keep the gifts below $50 and when you get your gift,
blog about what you got from your Secret Santa, or show it off on instagram!

And spread the word you guys-we can find new bloggers and spread christmas cheer! 

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