Sunday, January 12, 2014

What I've Been Watching Lately #2

So, you're probably wondering where I've been this past week since I haven't posted in a little bit. I posted almost everyday during the week of New Years, so I took some tie off from blogging and YouTube. I previously did this post back in November, which I have linked above, but I wanted to share with you the shows I have been watching lately. 
Pretty Little Liars is on Tuesday nights at 8pm EST on ABC Family.

Pretty Little Liars - Season 4 just started this past week and I am very curious where the show is going this season. I mean, how much longer can we wait for an explanation about who Ali fears the most? I honestly think it is either Wren or somebody else on the show that is completely not obvious...

Ravenswood - I really enjoyed when this show started this fall and now that it's back, I want to know more about the curse in Ravenswood. A lot people don't enjoy this show but I think it is a breath of fresh air for ABCFamily. Ravenswood is on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST on ABCFamily.

Downton Abbey - Shut the front door! We have been waiting almost a year for this show to come back and I am obsessed! I am curious to where the writers are taking this show with all the stuff that went down in season. The show is on Sunday nights at 9pm EST on PBS.

What shows have you been watching??


  1. i LOVE pretty liars too! seriously so happy that the season started again :)

  2. I've been watching lots of Community, Classic Dr Who and American Horror Show. Downton Abbey is starting to get a little tiring, it's always so depressing.

  3. I really need to start watching Downton Abbey!

  4. I'm currently watching the Great British Bakeoff! Sports Relief version but so tempting nonetheless :)

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  5. I've been watching PLL too and I'm curious as to where this season will go as well… I'm also wondering how long it'll take about the A thing … sometimes I feel it's being taken way too off lol but as a fan, I gotta keep watching no matter what!

  6. I really need to catch up on PLL, I was so into it for the first season but I lost track, I'll be catching up on Netflix though! Then by the time I'm done hopefully the newest ones will be on. I've been watching The Big Bang Theory, it's back on E4 again after the holidays. :)

    P.S. I would like to nominate you for The Versatile Blogger Award.

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    Have a great day/night!