Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Task: Blogger's Office & Organization

February's Beauty Blogger Task  is all about blogger organization and office space.

  • Where do you blog? I typically blog in my bedroom. I will sometimes sit at my desk. I usually  sit on my bed. I would love to be organized in how I blog eventually when I get my own place, to maybe even have an office/room dedicated to blogging and videos would be amazing! But for now, I have to deal with the space I have been given.
  • What do you blog on? I blog on my laptop, which is a MacBook Pro 13". I also use it to edit and upload my YouTube videos.
  • Do you have any blogging rituals? I like to have snacks with me if I am working on a long post, otherwise I tend to listen to music in the background.
  • How do you keep your blogging ideas organized? I used to keep a journal with blog/video ideas but now if a topic comes to mind, I will just sit down and start blogging.
  • Do you have a blogging schedule for the week? Or the month? I don't have a schedule at this point. I blog when I want to and I post as many or as few times as I want to. There may be time periods where I blog three or four times a week and times where I only blog once a week, if that.
  • If you review products, how do you keep track of what needs to be reviewed in your collection? 
  • What do you do with all your "old" data? For now, everything is stored on my laptop. I would like to invest in an external hard drive because storing all these photos and raw video footage takes up a LOT of space on your computer. I will occasionally deleted old photos and videos but I would like to be able to keep everything in case my blog gets accidentally deleted.
  • For fun, what beauty/non-beauty products do you need to have on hand near your blogging station? Honestly, like I said in a different questions, I keep snacks or drinks nearby.
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