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My Owl Obsession!

We all know that owls have been quite trendy this fall season and I am just one of those people who love owl decor!
Here are these few things I own that are owl related:

1) My owl candle - this was given to me recently as a gift

2) My owl cookie jar - My sister gave this to me last year as a Christmas gift! I don't store cookies in it but I usually keep some snacks or candy in it =)
 3) My owl hand cream - My mom gave this to me as a gift (I forgot if it was for my birthday or Christmas) and it has a hand cream inside it. She said she bought it at a local store.
 4) My owl ring - My sister got this for me as a Christmas present last year, I think and it so cute! It has a stretchy band which is uncomfortable so I don't wear it a lot but I still love it! I believe it is from Aeropostale.
5) My blog background! I found this background on Google and fell in love with it! It is also the background for my twitter account :)

What do you have an obsession with?

2 comments on "My Owl Obsession!"
  1. Aww I love owls too, so cute! I recently got a wee pair of owl earrings :) xx

  2. I need to get an owl cookie jar. They look so cute!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life