Sunday, September 23, 2012

High School Reflection

It has been quite some time since I last walked the halls of my high school. I graduated high school in June 2008 and though it would be appropriate to reflect on my four years in high school.

I attended a very small public high school. On my first day of high school in 2004, I can remember exactly what I wore, a jean mini skirt and a t-shirt.  When I arrived at the school via the school bus, a teacher grabbed my attention because my skirt was riding up a little too high in the back, I was so embarrassed! I also still had a full mouth of braces. I took all your standard freshman classes: global history, spanish 1, earth science, band, algebra, english 9 and PE. Freshman year I was on the JV Volleyball team. This was the only year I ever participated in sports. I also participated in Odyssey of the Mind and Peer Leadership.

Sophomore year as a bit of an improvement. I was involved in a few clubs, such as Drama Club, SADD, Odyssey of the Mind and Peer Leadership. I loved the clubs I was in and I highly recommend you joins clubs in high school to make friends. I met my current boyfriend this year of high school (we didn't actually start dating until I was a senior). I took classes in global history, english 10, biology , geometry,  Spanish 2,band, chorus and PE. I dissected a frog in biology :)

Junior year of high school was my last favorite year because it was my most challenging year academically. I took Regents English (Regents are New York state exams), Chemistry, Advanced Algebra/Trig, US History, Spanish 3 and PE. I took a total of five regents exams this year! These are three-hour tests that New York state requires all students to take. The regents program has vastly changed since I graduated in 2008. I also started working my junior year at a local fast-food joint and got my license! I also was involved in the same clubs as sophomore year.

Senior year!! My senior year was nostalgic at most. It wasn't very special. I took Spanish 4, PIG/Economics, Physics, Pre-Calculus, AP English Literature, Band and PE. I did go to my senior prom with my now boyfriend and it was the best night of my life (it really was!). I received quite a few awards at a end of year ceremony, which included monetary awards for college!  We went on two trips, one for a band trip to Virgina and the other was my senior trip to Ocean City, Maryland !I graduated with a 92 average, which put me within the top 20 of my class. I got the John Philip Sousa Band award at my graduation ceremony. I also enrolled at a local community college for my freshman year of college.

My tips for high school:

1) Act yourself!

2) Join clubs and/or sports teams

I am also going to be doing a reflection on my college years as well :)


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