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Planner Review | Ashley Shelly Planner 2018

I am back today with a planner review! I love talking about planners and today I will be sharing with you the new Ashley Shelly 2018 planner!

The Ashley Shelly 2018 Planner features a hard, glossy cover size 7.25" by 9.25" including binding. I decided to order the Black and White stripe cover because I thought it was super professional while also being very elegant. The planner is also available in four other cover designs. The binding and metal corner cover protectors are in a silver finish. 

 When you open the front cover, you will find a small front pocket that will fit the Budget Notebook or Notebook bestie. You can also store receipts or other small documents in this space. To the right, there is a clear zip pouch that you can use to store your planner stickers. One sheet of stickers is included with purchase.
Inspiration Board

Important Contacts & Favorite Meal Ideas

Yearly Overview & 2018 Holidays

There are several pre-printed pages in the front of the planner before the calendar and weekly inserts to help with goal setting include an inspiration board, important contacts page, meal ideas, 2018 planning overview, 2018 & 2019 yearly overview, 2018 Holiday lists and some extra notes pages sprinkled throughout the planner.

Monthly view

The Ashley Shelly Planner includes a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month. Each month is marked with a laminated tab . The monthly pages are printed on heavy card stock. Monthly spread spans two pages and contains the previous month, next month, and a notes column on the left side. This calendar is a Sunday - Saturday format and also contains lined boxes. Holidays are marked in a purple colored font.
Creative Spread

At the beginning of each month, you get a creative spread to help you plan out the month. This section allows the user to creatively plan out their goals for the month including a word of the month or mantra, ways to create happiness, things to cut out such as distractions, routines and habits, personal goals, special dates, and even a monthly bucket list! I think the routines and habits is really important because many of us find ourselves falling out of habits, I even do, and this is a great reminder to help you keep you on track towards your monthly goals!
Week on Two Pages

Finally, we have the week on two page (WO2P) horizontal layout. Each month has four-five pages for the weeks of the month. Each week you get a monthly word section and notes section to capture anything important or noteworthy. Each day has nine (9) time-stamped areas for you to record meetings, appointments, etc.  You also get a daily to-do list, a due today section and dinner section. Each page has a perforated bottom corner that you can tear off each week to create a built-in bookmark! 

In addition to the monthly and weekly sections, you also get an additional ten (10) notes pages in the back of the planner. This planner runs from January 2018 to December 2018. 
The 2018 Ashley Shelly Planner retails for $49.95!

I hope you enjoyed this look into the Ashley Shelley 2018 Planner! I am truly impressed with the design and craftsmanship of this planner! I love the color scheme and the elegant nature of this book. 
To check out more Ashley Shelly products, visit her website at http://www.ashleyshelly.com/

If you would like me to review other planners on this blog, please leave a comment below and I will take them into consideration. Happy Planning!

*This post is not sponsored. I purchase this planner with my own money. All opinions are genuinely my own. 
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