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My thoughts on Interstellar


Last night I saw Interstellar with my fiance.  We saw the movie in an RPX theater, which it supposed to enhance the sounds experience of the movie. I thought it did. After seeing the movie, I didn't know that Christopher Nolan and his brother wrote this film. I thought the acting, special effects, and score were the highlights of this file. During the big scenes, you didn't expect to hear organs roaring in the background music, so props to Hans Zimmer on another brilliant score. I thought the plot was good but very confusing at the same time. It had a lot of concepts that were difficult to understand. My favorite character was TARS, the robot, which was probably unintentional by Nolan. It was also very weird to see Matt Damon and Michael Cane playing the bad guys. 
Overall, I recommend going to see this movie.

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