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Monthly Favorites | June 2014

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I cannot believe the today is the Fourth of July! The month of June went by way too fast!
July is going to be exciting month with my fiance's birthday coming up; we're going away for a weekend! Anyways, now on to the favorites!

Beauty Favorites

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theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette | Link
I have mentioned this palette before in blog posts, but this has been my go-to palette for the month of June. It is an all matte palette and the colors just blend so easily and don't crease on me either.

SKIN79 Super+ BB Cream |Link
I have had this product in the past but didn't really like how it looked on my skin, but I have recently had a change of heart. This bb cream goes in the skin with a gray-ish cast then changes into your skin tone. I find it applies best with a beauty sponge because it looks the most natural. It wears nicely for 6-8 hours. The only downfall to this product is that when it is super hot and humid outside, it melts right off your face.

L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara | Link
I recently did a whole post reviewing this mascara and I really enjoy it! It provides length and volume to my lashes. The brush conical shape, so it helps get mascara on those small, pesky lashes. It also has a flexible brush which helps a lot with application. I don't normally like L'oreal mascara but this one is a winner!

Other Favorites

1) TV Favorites | Pretty Little Liars and Chasing Life
I have been watching Pretty Little Liars from Season 1 and I am still enjoying the show to this date! I am very curious to find out what the big secret is between Spencer's Dad and Melissa. Chasing Life is a new show to ABC Family and have also enjoyed this show. It's about a woman named April who gets this great new job and boyfriend, then finds out she has Leukemia. I hope ABC Family doesn't kill off this show like they did to Ravenswood this past winter because I really like it!

2) My new blog design!
I worked with Kelsey who owns KreatedByKelsey1 on Etsy. I bought the premade layout and installed it myself, then she designed my new blog header. I love the color scheme, fonts, and layout. 

3) Health & Fitness
I joined a local gym this past week and have really enjoyed working out. Right now I am focusing on cardio to start building my endurance and will eventually move into weight training. I am excited to embark on this new journey in life to better my health and fitness.

What were your monthly favorites?

3 comments on "Monthly Favorites | June 2014"
  1. Love your new blog design, so cute :) xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  2. I´ve been wanting to try SKIN79 Super+ BB Cream, but still haven´t for some reason.

  3. The BB cream sounds fab, and I'm still loving the look the the Meet Matt palette :) lovely picks!

    Jess xo