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The ABCs of Me!

Hey guys! 
Here's a tag that I saw my friend Hope do  this one and it is so fun, 
and gives a lot of great information about the blogger. I hope you guys enjoy  it! :)

A - Age: 23, almost 24! 

B - Birthday: February 17th

C - Color: Blue

D - Drink: Chai tea

E - Eyes: Blue

F - Flashback: Drama Club stage hand in high school!

G - Gent: My boyfriend , Grant! We are celebrating our 6 year anniversary on 2/9!

H - Hobby: Blogging, movies, YouTube, video games

I - Indulgence: Makeup!

J - Job: Sr. Application Specialist at a local Hospital

K - Kiddos: None right now!

L - Love: My family and my boyfriend!

M - Music: A little bit of everything except country!

N - Nickname: Liz

O - One Wish: To travel the world!

P - Pets: none

Q - Quote: 

R - Residence: Upstate NY in my own apartment

S - Siblings: Two sisters, one brother

T - Temperature: Currently 15 degrees Fahrenheit, brrr!

U - University: I graduate with BS in Information Science in May 2012

V - Vehicle: A 2009 Silver Kia Spectra

W - Worst Habit: Sleeping in late

X - X-ray: My teeth at my dental appointment

Y - Yuck: Bugs

Z - Zodiac: Aquarius

I tag everyone to do this!
1 comment on "The ABCs of Me!"
  1. You share my Father and Grandmother's birthday. Coming up soon! Happy early birthday!