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What I Got: International Secret Santa Swap!

A fellow blogger, Sandra, setup this really cool idea of doing a secret santa swap over the holidays! I decided to participate and today I am FINALLY sharing with you what I received in the swap!

First, she sent me this really cute card

She sent me this amazingly adorable owl pattern seater. This will be perfect for those extra cold days/nights because it is a very thick sweater! She did a great job choosing this because I am obsessed with owls.

She also sent me this little trinkets. 

The is the last thing she sent me, it was a Barry M lipstick is this crazy green color. It is not as intimidated once you apply it.


1 comment on "What I Got: International Secret Santa Swap!"
  1. Can you maybe show a picture of you wearing the green lipstick?! Looks super scary!
    Melanie :)